When Juan Mari told his mother that he wanted to go to catering school, she tried to persuade him to choose a career with a brighter future. Sixty years later, the social prestige of gastronomy is enormous. The change has been nothing short of revolutionary, and today many children are encouraged by their parents to become great cooks. Juan Mari has lived through this revolution in person and has been a fundamental part of it. Arzak, the family eatery located on Alto de Miracruz in San Sebastián, has become one of the best restaurants in the world. Now, a new generation has taken over. Elena Arzak, Juan Mari’s daughter, is now in charge of the restaurant and her father is retiring little by little. It’s a time to reflect; to weigh up an entire life. Time to analyse the transformation of traditional cooking in the new auteur cuisine.



Direction & Screenplay: Asier Altuna Iza


Produced by:






Genre: Documentary

Length: 70 min.

Format: 4K

Film crew

Direction & Screenplay:
Asier Altuna Iza

Juan Mari Arzak y Elena Arzak

With the participation of:
Marta Arzak, Ferran Adrià, Pedro Subijana, Joan Roca, Karlos Arguiñano, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Dabiz Muñoz… and the Arzak team,, Igor Zalakain, Xabi Gutiérrez and Kontxi Beobide

Production Credits

Technikal sheet

Producer: Iñaki Burutxaga
Executive producer: Jone Miren Goenaga
Production Direction: Jone Miren Goenaga, Manu Paino
Cinematography: Txarli Arguiñano, Javi Agirre
Cameras: Juantxu Beloki, Jon Sangroniz, Lander Andonegi y Gaizka Bourgeaud, Asier Altuna, Javi Agirre, Txarli Argiñano
Original soundtrack: Maite Arroitajauregi “Mursego”
Edition: Demetrio Elorz
Art Director: Itziar Bandrés
Make-up / Hair / Costume Design: Eli Unanue, Enara Roteta
Sound Mixing and Editing: Iosu Gonzalez
Direct Sound: Alazne Ameztoy, Iñigo Azkue
Digital Effects: Raúl Lopez, Nekane Lopez De Goicoechea, Aitor Sutil, Lara Iturain




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